ForestWorks, business as usual, Skills Impact kicks into gear

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ForestWorks is pleased to announce its full support for Skills Impact, as ForestWorks moves on from its successful role as an Industry Skills Council (ISC).

Many in the industry would be aware that last year the Commonwealth Government stopped funding the ISC role for all industries and moved to a competitive tendering process.

Skills Impact is one of five Skills Services Organisations (SSOs) appointed by the Commonwealth, to cover the skills standards needs for a diverse range of grown and renewable resource industries, including the forest and wood products and pulp and paper industries. The establishment of Skills Impact is a joint initiative of ForestWorks and the National Farmers Federation. The new Skills Impact Board last week appointed Michael Hartman to the role of CEO for Skills Impact.

“ForestWorks and all our industries’ stakeholders will be delighted that Michael has achieved this appointment and that his responsibilities continue to include our sectors and their skills standards needs. ForestWorks is fully supportive of this move as it will ultimately assist the Forest Industry to maintain its input into Skills Standards and qualifications via familiar and time tested channels,” said ForestWorks’ Chair Julie George.

ForestWorks will continue to operate in its current role, including working with the forestry industry to develop and improve skills standards and qualifications, and will do this by working with Skills Impact.

ForestWorks’ Chair Julie George said Michael will still work closely with ForestWorks and it is business as usual for ForestWorks and its team.

“All our other programs will also continue as usual. Key work for ForestWorks this year will include further improvements to the FOLS Skills Verification Program and testing and trialling of the Forestry Better Business Program in Tasmania. Our mission remains the same: to facilitate continuous learning and innovative capabilities across the entire industry value chain.”

Michael Hartman said that this development is a good example of the need for an organisation to adapt and evolve with the changing government policy environment, to ensure the skills needs of our industry continue to be met.

“We have been working on this initiative with the National Farmers Federation since the middle of last year, and it is very satisfying to secure one of only 5 Skills Service Contracts competitively offered nationally.”

“I’m really excited to be moving into a role that supports the skills standards and qualification needs for a group of industry sectors including forestry. All these industry sectors are related by their ties to grown and renewable resources and their value chains,” said Michael.

Fitzpatrick Woods Consulting will provide executive management support to ForestWorks to support a smooth transition as Michael focuses on Skills Impact’s operations and strategy before an Executive Manager is appointed for ForestWorks.

Any questions regarding this new partnership can be directed to your usual ForestWorks contact, or feel free to email or call us at any time on 03 9321 3500

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