Unit Code Clarification

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Some of our trainers are asking about new and old unit codes across the level II qualifications.

Can you please clarify regarding:

  • AHC21016 – Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management
  • AHC20116 – Certificate II in Agriculture
  • FWP20116 – Certificate II in Forest Growing and Management
  • FWP20116 – Certificate II in Forest Growing and Management
  • FWP50116 – Diploma of Forest and Forest Products

They have the incorrect (old) AHC units listed, as well as some new ones.  It may be about the timing of the endorsement date, E.g. the Forestry package was endorsed in May 2016, before the new AHC package in June 2016. (but why are new unit codes in there?) Will the AHC units be updated? It makes it very complex when issuing the qualification if both unit versions are still active.

Submitted on behalf of the Department of Primary Industries NSW and Timber Training Creswick


Issue has arisen due to timing of endorsement dates of FWP and AHC Training Packages.  Mix of ‘old’ and ‘new’ AHC units in some FWP Qualifications is due to inclusion of new AHC Irrigation units (no previous version). Imported units requiring code updates in FWP Qualifications due to ongoing endorsement of new training packages will be addressed at a future date.