FWPHAR3218 Conduct loader operations and FWPHAR3219 Conduct excavator operations with grabs – Use of slings

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Loader and excavator are not fitted to use slings. They both have log grabs attached and that is all they do. Some of the Performance Evidence requirements in FWPHAR3218 and FWPHAR3219 relate to Civil Construction and the word “must” has been used but the process cannot be undertaken in a forestry setting. Knowledge Evidence includes use of whistles, sirens and loud speakers which are not used in the harvesting sector. Assessment conditions use the words “must be available” for slings. Another requirement is the removing and replacing defective parts. A large majority of organisations have mechanics now and they do not want the operators removing anything however, the word “must” has been used again.

Submitted on behalf of Latrobe Valley Training & Assessment Centre.


The issues will be addressed in the next minor upgrade of the FWP Training Package, following discussion and/or confirmation across the stakeholder network.