Case Study: Forestry Corporation NSW Adoption of FOLS Skills Verification Program

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Forestry Corporation of NSW (Forestry Corporation) supported 18 of its harvest and haulage contractors to move over to the FOLS Skills Verification Program between May and June 2017.

It was part of a pilot trial to see how the FOLS program could assist Forestry Corporation to manage the skills and training of its workforce and to identify training gaps. The pilot included all of their contractors in the northern hardwood forests around Coffs Harbour, Wauchope and Grafton.

Forestry Corporation were pleased with how smooth the process was. Forestry Corporation’s Harvest and Haulage Contractor and Procurement Manager, Mark Hitchins said FOLS proved to be “a really effective and transparent system for managing the skills and competencies of our workforce”.


  1. Employees’ skills were verified with FOLS. They could access a summary of their records online and received a physical FOLS Card, listing their current skills.
  2. Contractors received a skills gap-analysis for their employees and could access employees’ details online. They also now have a better understanding of Forestry Corporation requirements and the vocational training system.
  3. Forestry Corporation staff are now able to view and manage online training records of each operator working for their contractors on the pilot program.
  4. Forestry Corporation, the forest contractors, ForestWorks and TAFE NSW are now working together to close the skills gaps and to ensure the regional workforce has the appropriate training.

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