Thank you for contributing to the Forest Harvesting Optimisation Project

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New and improved units of competency were developed within the FWP Forest and Wood Products Training Package to support the skills needs in forest harvesting optimisation processes and technologies. These units have been approved by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) and will be on imminently.

The success and final outcomes of this Forest Harvesting Optimisation Project were guided by many people from industry, both formally and informally.

As the project facilitator, ForestWorks wishes to thank the Forest Management and Harvesting Industry Reference Committee (IRC) who oversaw this project, providing support and guidance. The IRC and ForestWorks is particularly thankful to the project technical experts and their organisations who took keen interest in the project work and provided generous and valuable advice in a timely and professional manner. We acknowledge and thank:

  • Adan Taylor – GMT Logging,
  • Andrew Sanderson – Forestry Corporation of NSW,
  • Chris Phillips – Hancock Victorian Plantations,
  • Damian Walsh –  Margules Groome Consulting,
  • Gavin Dohnt – LV Dohnt,
  • Ian Reid – Austimber and
  • Wayne Miller – Plantation Harvesting.

We also wish to thank all industry participants who took time from their busy schedule to provide advice during the broad industry consultation.

ForestWorks believes that the final outcomes reflect the guidance and assistance from the industry. The project addressed the following:

  • Developed two (2) new units of competency for the efficient use of on-board computer systems in relation to single grip harvester and forwarder.
    • FWPHAR3223 Use on-board computer systems for single grip harvester
    • FWPHAR3222 Use on-board computer systems for forwarder
  • Reviewed and improved ten (10) existing units of competency for harvesting machine operations. The units were improved to include:
    • Safe and appropriate operation of the machines;
    • Practices for production cycle efficiency and product quality with outcomes including minimal damage to log products and correct product segregation, stacking, identification and presentation to the roadside or landing area.
  • Reviewed and applied minor changes to two (2) existing units of competency. These units include FWPHAR3208 Conduct mechanical processor operations and FWPCOT2226 Debark logs mechanically.
  • Reviewed and deleted one (1) unit of competency, FWPHAR3208 Conduct boom delimber operations, as this technology is no longer used in Australia.
  • Updated eight (8) skill sets.
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