Training and Skills Development Service (Tasmania)

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The Training and Skills Development Service (TSDS) has been running for nearly 12 months in Tasmania. Over 140 projects have been funded, representing a wide variety of training and workforce development initiatives.

The aim of the program is to ‘assist enterprises to meet and respond to emerging industry directions to support rebuilding and growth of the Tasmanian Forest and Timber Products Industry’. This objective is broad and enables a diverse range of training to occur under the fund. An example of this was recently, a learner was approved to undertake training for his Remote Pilot’s License for flying drones.

An enterprise with an appropriately licensed employee who can operate a drone within the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations is able to maintain a high level of accuracy and quality control within their daily harvesting and restoration operations.

Whilst the training is outside the TSDS guidelines, by providing adequate supporting documentation, including the benefits this training would provide to industry and using a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved training provider, the TSDS Project Team referred the application to the TSDS Steering Committee where approval of the project was subsequently given.

If your enterprise would like to seek funding support for training or workforce development planning, click the more information button below to view the program guidelines and download an application form.

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