NSW ITAB Contract Extension

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ForestWorks is pleased to announce that we have received an extension of our contract to deliver NSW ITAB services for another year, effective from 1 July 2018.

What is the NSW ITAB?

Industry Training Advisory Bodies (ITABs) are independent bodies that provide advice to state governments regarding vocational education and training, apprenticeships and traineeships. ITABs are also present in other states and territories ForestWorks has provided advice to the NSW Department of Industry for over a decade, through various ITAB contracts,  on matters regarding the forestry, wood products and furnishing industries.

Two industry committees support the activities of the ITAB:

  • Forestry and Wood Products
  • Furnishing Design and Manufacture.

The Committee members represent industry associations, employers and employee representatives.

What do we do?

The NSW ITAB undertakes the following activities:

  • Provide advice on apprenticeships and traineeships from the FWP Forest and Wood Products and the MSF Furnishing training packages.  Coverage extends from forest growing and management to timber truss and frame manufacturing, right through to furniture design, cabinetmaking and other furnishing trades.
  • Advice is provided to government about emerging training and skill needs in the industry.
  • Advise industry of changes to government decisions around funding availability and changes in policy or regulation.
  • Promote vocational education and training(VET), in particular apprenticeships and traineeships as a rewarding career path.
  • Promote careers in the forestry and furnishing industries, in conjunction with other NSW ITABs, by holding workshops and seminars in regional NSW to promote vocational education and training.

If you would like further information, please feel free to contact Tim Cleary: tcleary@forestworks.com.au or call 02 8737 5190.

Read more on the NSW Department of Industry website.