Training Package Updates

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Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Safety Compliance Project 

This project is nearing its final stages with validation completed. The project outcomes will include the following improvements to the PPM Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Training Package:

Revision of 40 Units of Competency – The knowledge evidence relating to workplace health and safety has been revised to be more detailed and to specify the requirements in this area.

  • New Skill Sets – Creation of 10 skill sets for specialist operators. These will be the first skill sets in the PPM Training Package.
  • Replacement of boiler units – The project considered the replacement of the PPMSTM boiler units with the MSM Boiler Licence units. However, at the validation stage industry have requested the retention of the boiler units to meet the skill needs of sites that are operating an unattended boiler. The MSM Boiler licence units will still be imported into the 6 affected qualifications, and the PPM units have been modified to ensure the user is directed to the licence units where appropriate.

This project will now progress through an established edit and equity and quality assurance process. If you would like further information, please contact

Visit the project page.


Cross Laminated Timber Building Systems Project 

Work is progressing on the project to review and develop units of competence in the following areas of cross laminated timber:

  • Design
  • CNC Operations
  • Curved/non-linear Glulam

ForestWorks recently conducted a survey to collect further information to ascertain whether existing units of competency meet the skill needs of industry or whether a gap is identified in the FWP Training Package that will require the development of new units of competency.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact

Visit the project page.


Prefabricated Building Systems Project 

After further consultation with the Technical Advisory Committee, work has begun on the development of units of competency for three new units covering the following areas:

  • Design timber building systems for compliance, off site pre-fabrication and on-site installation
  • Prefabricate timber building systems off-site
  • Install prefabricated timber building systems on-site

The TAC members are currently reviewing these and will meet via teleconference to discuss feedback on Tuesday 10 July.

If you would like to be involved in the project. For further information, please contact

Visit the project page.