TSDS Update

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The TSDS fund remains on hold. During this period, new applications will not be accepted. A notice to all providers and interested parties will be issued if there is a change to the status of the fund.

Applicants wishing to change current approved projects must submit a change request, prior to undertaking the change, which will be assessed on its merit and availability of funding.

The project team invites applicants with current approved projects that are not going to proceed to withdraw these projects to allow the funds to be made available for other projects.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please contact Project Manager Eva James on 03 6331 6077 or tsds@forestworks.com.au.

Case Study – Forico Pty Limited

As Tasmania’s largest private forestry management company, Forico represents the transition into a new era in plantation forestry in Tasmania. Forico’s forest management team i

s strongly focused on developing quality, healthy, innovative and sustainable forestry practices.

Forico identified the need for 5 employees to undertake training in FWPHAR3219 Conduct Excavator Operations with Grabs and FWPHAR3218 Conduct Loader Operations to ensure they held relevant plant and equipment competencies and could operate the machinery safely.

Barry Youl, Acting Site Manager at Forico Long Reach said “this training has provided our employees with valued knowledge and qualifications which has improved their confidence in safely operating heavy machinery.”

Phil Mullins, one of the learners who undertook this training gave his perspective. “I now have the formal qualification to be able to perform my job to the company’s required standard,” he said.

Forico Pty Limited strongly agreed that participation in the TSDS program has resulted in an improvement in their employee’s work practices and skills, provided value for money in terms of their training dollar, caused minimal disruption to normal work practices and that the RTO met their expectation. Overall Forico were very satisfied with their involvement in the TSDS program and are likely to undertake further training.