Australia’s Forest Industries are Safe and Skilled

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Businesses of all sizes across Australia’s forest industries have joined together this week in a united approach to lift safety standards across the board. 

Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Chair Greg McCormack, said the Safe and Skilled program demonstrated that Australia’s forest industries are committed to safety and investing in the skills needed to ensure its workers are safe.

“Together with the Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) our members have signed up to essential training standards covering the breadth of activities in the forest industry,” Mr McCormack said.

“A common approach to training will recognise the importance of having the right skills to do the job across the industry and mobilise our industry’s workforce,” Mr McCormack concluded.

Along with common training standards, AFPA and AFCA launched 12 lifesaving commitments to guide behaviour in the industry.

AFCA Chairman Mr Adan Taylor said the lifesaving commitments draw the attention of workers to critical risks in the industry and ensure that baseline safety rules are common everywhere.

“The Australian forest industry is varied and unique, but in every forest, on every road, at every log dump, the industry demands the same high level of safety. Our workers know the key risks they need to be aware of and the Safe and Skilled program is an excellent reminder of those risks and necessary behaviours to keep everyone safe at work,” Mr Taylor said.

“Making sure all forest workers get home to their families at the end of each working day is the driving force behind Safe and Skilled,” Mr Taylor concluded.

Visit the Safe & Skilled commitments here.