New Training Package Projects

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The Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC) has approved three new Training Package projects which will be carried out between now and June 2020.

New Harvesting Technologies Project

This project will review and develop new units of competency for the forest management and harvesting sectors to provide the industry with a mechanism for gaining efficiency and environmental benefits from new and existing technologies. The project will develop new skill sets for harvesting on steep slope terrain and in-field chipping operations and new units of competency in harvesting technologies operations. Specifically, the project will review existing units of competency from the FWP Training Package related to environmental practices, geospatial data management for forest assessment and tree inventory, and forestry operations.

New and improved skills are required in a series of areas that support recent industry developments and its future activity as follows:

  • Geospatial technologies for forest operations
  • Programming harvesting optimisation files
  • Management of electrical risks
  • Best practices to minimise environmental footprint of forest harvesting
  • Systems for harvesting on steep slope terrain
  • In-field wood-chipping operations
  • In field debarking of logs
  • Tree felling and chainsaw operation

Timber Truss and Frame Estimating and Design Project

This project will review and update 3 qualifications and 39 units of competency to address the current skills requirements in the timber truss and frame manufacturing industry, and assist with the high demand for design and estimating capabilities.

Improved understanding of building constructions, applied mathematics and ability to communicate and negotiate will enable designers, detailers and estimators to design and calculate quantities of timber as per fabrication orders.

Review of Certificate II and III in Timber Merchandising

The Review of Certificate II and III in Timber Merchandising will involve a review of job roles and skill analysis in the timber merchandising industry, which will inform the content of the qualifications. The project will review and update 2 qualifications and 23 units of competency (15 units will be reviewed in conjunction with the above projects).

How you can be involved

If you have an interest in these areas, Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) are currently being established for each project.

The role of the Technical Advisory Committee and its members is to assist the project through a range of activities, which include:

  • Providing technical expertise that informs the content of units of competency
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on draft materials
  • Sharing and collaborating with stakeholders on technical content of training package components

Forestworks is seeking expressions of interest for Technical Advisory Committee Members for both projects. Please contact to nominate.