The Murray Region Forestry Hub (MRFH) engaged ForestWorks to:

  • create a comprehensive list of industry participants and their roles, in the Murray Region Forestry Hub
  • conduct a survey of industry participants in the hub in relation to their training and skills needs (now and in the next 5-10 years), including 20 on site interviews of businesses identified by the hub
  • provide a detailed report to support the industry in workforce development, including the survey data and other relevant data
  • present on findings to meeting of the Murray Region Forestry Hub Committee.

The scope of the project was confined to 12 local government areas (LGAs) that straddle the New South Wales/Victoria border. The NSW LGAs were: Albury, Cootamundra-Gundagai, Greater Hume, and Snowy Valleys. The Victorian LGAs were: Alpine, Benalla, Indigo, Mansfield, Murrindindi, Towong, Wangaratta and Wodonga.

The project commenced in March 2022 and a final report was submitted to MRFH in December 2022. Work is being undertaken to finalise the project report.