Workplace health and safety (WHS) plays a critical role in the forest, wood, timber and paper products industry. ForestWorks brings industry together to encourage information sharing, development and learning and aims to build and maintain best practice.

Working Groups

On behalf of the industry, ForestWorks facilitates a series of state and regional Workplace Health and Safety Working Groups. The primary objective of the working groups is to work constructively and co-operatively in a learning environment in pursuit of sustainable and safe workplaces.

Log Haulage Manual

Transporting logs is a high profile risk activity and it is vital that we as an industry are able to manage this activity to the highest standards.

ForestWorks worked with industry to draft a new Log Haulage Manual which was released in 2014. Load restraint has been an area of ongoing research and over time it is envisaged this manual will be updated to reflect industry research outcomes.

More information

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