ForestWorks has created Workforce Development Planning tools to help organisations identify gaps in their workforce capacity and capability to meet strategic and operational objectives.

Workforce Development Planning can help your business understand current and future skills needs, understand employee demographics and learning needs, increase productivity, increase employee engagement and retention and develop strategies to encourage the development of new skills.

The tools include 5 key stages:

Stage 1: Business Environment
Stage 2: Business Strategic Directions
Stage 3: Workforce Analysis
3.1: Whole of Business Approach
3.2: Job Role Focussed Approach
3.3: Occupation Focussed Approach
Stage 4: Training Planning
Stage 5: Implementing your Workforce Development Plan

We have developed three specific tools for different sectors of the forestry industry. If your company operates multiple sites, we recommend you apply the tool for each individual site.

View the Harvesting and Haulage tool

View the Sawmilling and Processing tool

View the Truss and Frame tool

For guidance and further information regarding Workforce Development Planning Tools please contact the relevant Skills Advisory Manager for your area.