ForestWorks has developed Workplace Learning Tools to help enterprises identify the different foundation skills gaps that exist in their workplace and how they may be impacting the day-to-day operations of their business.

About the tools

The tools include a range of scenarios that highlight the different foundation skills gaps that may exist in a workplace. Each scenario outlines:

  • A foundation skills issue
  • How it may impact the workplace
  • What was, or could be done, in each situation.

These scenarios can help your enterprise in identifying similar foundation skills issues and how they may be impacting your workplace.

Under each scenario there are resources available to assist in improving the foundation skills gaps. These include learning activities and practical activities. Each resource is downloadable in Microsoft Word format and can be modified to meet the training needs of your workplace.

Use the tools

Scenarios and activities are available for download across the following four areas. Each scenario and activity can be adapted to suit your individual workplace.

Download the Forest Industry Foundation Skills Plan

Useful resources

Australian LLN statistics
Summary of the data from the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), which surveyed literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills of Australians. The survey was part of an international study.

What works for LLN
A series of free, short professional development videos for trainers and assessors, focussed on topics related to building LLN skills.

Building strength with numeracy
Lots of numeracy activities to download that cover activities to explore the use of numbers, in the head calculation activities, fractions and percentages. Developed by VALBEC.

Literacy face to face
Literacy face to face has been around for some time, but the information included is still very relevant for those who want to help someone improve their literacy skills.

ACSF assessment tasks
A bank of validated ACSF assessment tasks, presented in Word (for customisation) and supported with a user guide.

Taking the Lead
A large repository of resources to support the development of LLN skills, across various industries, developed by Service Skills Australia Industry Skills Council.

Building strong foundations
A bank of resources to support the implementation of the Foundation Skills Training Package. Includes a number of short videos useful to all trainers that address LLN skills in some way. Developed by Innovation and Business Services Australia.



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