Effective teamwork can improve business efficiencies, enabling innovation and better business solutions. Many tasks in the forest and wood products industry rely on people working together, to find solutions through collaboration. Teamwork is also important for workers looking out for each other’s safety.

Good communication is essential to teamwork. Building the capacity of workers to speak up, lead teams, or to be valued as contributors to teams, relies on an open and positive approach to skill improvement.

The scenarios and activities outlined below can be adapted to your workplace. They aim to build the capacity of individuals to work as part of a team and therefore the workplace. A supervisor or fellow worker will need to work with individual employees to understand the scenarios and then work through the activities together.

Read through the following scenarios to see how some companies are addressing foundation skill gaps to encourage effective team work.



Communication for better business Scenario Video – industry discussion on communicating for better business
Leading effective teams Scenario Activity – Characteristics of effective teams
Speaking up Scenario Activity – What would you say?
  Activity – Give and receive instructions


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