Changes in technology mean that many workers in the forest and wood products industry now need to use digital screens, operate high speed computer-based equipment, use GPS-based equipment, send emails, and use mobile phones/tablets for various tasks. For many, this is a significant change.

The scenarios and exercises outlined in this section aim to build the digital literacy capacity of individuals, and therefore the workplace as well. The examples can be adapted to your workplace. The process of engaging with a worker to build capacity is pivotal to the worker developing skill and confidence to use new technologies.

Many workers may have a social knowledge of technology through use of mobile phones, computers and tablets. However, the workplace environment requires developing background understanding of the technology and its appropriate use in the work situation. The scenarios outlined here would be best worked through with a work colleague who can identify the details, which apply in your workplace.

Read through the following scenarios to see how some companies are building digital literacy skills through the use of technology.



Using mobile digital devices Scenario Activity – Using mobile digital devices
Reading maps Scenario Activity – Reading maps
Writing emails Scenario Activity – Writing emails
  Tips for writing emails


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