Documenting job roles and activities

ForestWorks works with the Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) to identify skills gaps and emerging skill needs. To do this, the IRCs draw on the advice and industry intelligence of ForestWorks’ industry networks and existing communication channels, including:

  • National Skills and Employment Council (SEC)
  • State-based Skills and Training Advisory Committees (STACs)
  • Work Health and Safety Committees
  • Feedback Register on the ForestWorks website
  • Industry meetings and events
  • Enterprise visits

This industry intelligence is documented in a Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work which Skills Impact, the national Skills Service Organisation (SSO), takes through a formal government process with the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC).

The AISC National Schedule of skill and training package priorities then determines which projects will be funded for that year.

Skills Impact sub-contract the project and skills development work to ForestWorks because of our industry expertise and extent of our networks.

To find out more about the official development process, visit the Skills Impact website.