ForestWorks is an industry-owned not-for-profit organisation offering skills development services for the forest, wood, paper, timber and furnishing industries.

Our team come from around the country and from a range of backgrounds, including industry, education and government.

What we do and why

We partner with government, industry, unions, workers, and training providers to develop a highly skilled workforce for our sectors.

This includes:
• Attracting and developing new workers
• Upskilling existing workers
• Supporting workers along their career journey

Australia relies on the skills of the forest, wood, paper, timber and furnishing industries to produce products used everyday to construct homes and other buildings, provide flooring and furniture, and produce essential items such as packaging and health products. Industry is regularly adopting new technology, equipment and processes to improve safety, sustainability, and efficiency. ForestWorks provides services to support learning and careers, so that industry is equipped with the skills it needs to meet future challenges and opportunities.

ForestWorks has a long history of establishing partnerships. We collaborate with our partner Skills Insight.

Our core business covers the following:

Skills Verification Program (FOLS)

  • We administrate FOLS, the national skills verification portal for industry

Industry & Workforce Support Projects

  • We manage support payments and services provided to workers affected by the transition from hardwood to softwood forestry or other employment
  • We manage government-funded training and skills development support programs for workers and employers in the forest and timber industry, enabling them to undertake training and develop their skills to meet the requirements of new job roles and responsibilities
  • We conduct skills and training needs assessments for industry

Advisory Services

  • We provide industry-led advice about vocational education and training (VET) and skills-related matters to the NSW government through our industry training advisory (ITAB) role
  • We provide support services to one of the Industry Advisory Groups created by the Victorian Skills Authority as part of its industry engagement

Training Package Development

  • We develop and improve skills standards and qualifications in consultation with industry and training organisations

Resources for Trainers & Learners

  • We facilitate the development of teaching and learning resources to support the delivery of accredited training to industry

Our operations and skill development outcomes are carried out and achieved via contracts for services supported by the State and Federal Governments, and on occasion by the private sector.

Industry coverage

The industries we support are:

  • Forest growing and management
  • Harvesting and haulage
  • Timber and wood products manufacturing
  • Timber systems design and manufacturing
  • Timber supply
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing
  • Furnishing (NSW).