Chainsaw tree felling is a critical skill in forestry, agriculture, arboriculture, and emergency events like storms, cyclones and bushfires. These skills are essential for removing trees in locations or positions that make the use of large machinery unviable.

Three units of competency outline the skills required for tree felling using a chainsaw at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Some training providers have indicated that the number of trees required to demonstrate felling skills in each unit has an impact on their ability to deliver training. This is because finding trees for training and assessment can be difficult outside of a forestry environment. It is essential that these units remain accessible, yet ensure safe, confident skills application.

In 2022, the tree felling units were reviewed to increase training accessibility. However, additional feedback suggests a need to revisit these units to ensure safety and competence of all learners. This project will re-evaluate the number of trees needed for each skill level and identify additional safety and competency support measures.

Project timeline:

  • Consultation Phase: August – November 2023
  • Finalisation & Endorsement: December 2023 – April 2024

Contact Information:

For more information about the project and to participate in the consultation process, please visit the project’s webpage on the Skills Insight website.