Below are some resources that may be helpful for workers, employers and educators in the forest and wood products and pulp and paper industries.

Workspace Training

An interactive e-learning resource: Chainsaw Operation – Beginner to Advanced (3rd Edition – 2023). It is designed to assist workers in studying the theoretical part of a chainsaw training course.


Offers online training resources that cover a range of competencies from the FWP (Forest and Wood Products) Training Package.

Forest Learning

Provides educators with free teaching resources relevant to the Australian curriculum, with a focus on Australian forests and sustainable timber products.

ForestFit Training and Certification

An industry-endorsed training program for leaders, emerging leaders and owners of forest contracting businesses.

FIVE+5 Forest Industry Pre-Employment Vocational Education (Tasmania)

Offers pre-employment training for working in Tasmania’s forestry industry.

Cadet Forester Program (Tasmania) 

Offering school-based apprenticeships and adult traineeships in Tasmania’s forestry industry.

A Brief Guide to Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Provides employers or managers with an explanation of how VET can help and what it requires of you.

Building Effective Relationships with Training Providers

Resource for building and sustaining a relationship over the long-term with mutual commitment, trust and ongoing investment.

Workforce Planning Connect

A suite of materials designed to support employers to access the skills and workforce they need.

Relevant Training Packages

These provide information on current qualifications, skills standards and units and on relevant training providers.