What is FOLS?

FOLS is the national skills verification program for the forestry industry, led by the industry.

It is an online system for recording training and verifying the currency of worker skills, which can be shared with employers. It supports the professionalism and safety of the industry.

For further information, contact fols@forestworks.com.au.

How can the skills verification program help you?

The skills verification program offers businesses a streamlined system to manage the skills of employees and improve safety in the workplace. It also assists workers by verifying that an operator has undertaken the required nationally recognised training and has kept their skills current through regular practice.

  • Manage employee or contractor training, qualification and FOLS records online
  • Reduce risk by knowing who is skilled to undertake particular activities
  • Ensure employee or contractor’s qualifications and skills are up-to-date
  • Generate and manage a list of your employees or contractors and their FOLS status
  • Generate workforce reports using the AFPA/AFCA Safe and Skilled approved units of competency
  • Monitor FOLS expirations
  • Record your training and currency in an online system, which can be shared with employers
  • Gain verification as a competent and experienced operator
  • Visibly demonstrate skills certification with your FOLS Card, anywhere
  • Ensure your qualifications and skills remain current
  • Apply for and renew your FOLS Card online anytime, anywhere
  • Keep all your records in one safe place and upload skills evidence documents at any time
  • Share your records with employers

Industry Steering Committee

FOLS is an industry-led program that is managed by ForestWorks. The Industry Steering Committee guides the program by:

  1. Providing advice to ForestWorks on the management of FOLS
  2. Identifying and recommending strategies to deal with industry issues relating to skills verification
  3. Facilitating implementation of strategies by seeking industry support and commitment
  4. Assisting to disseminate and promote outcomes

The members of the steering committee are made up of forest managers, harvesting contractors, industry associations, users of the system and other observers.

Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more on the activities of the steering committee.