Demonstrating Professionalism

FOLS is the national skills verification program for industry.

FOLS is an industry-led system that supports the professionalism and safety of industry through a national electronic system of recording training and verifying currency of worker’s skills. It is your portfolio of skills.

A FOLS enables a worker to record their training and currency in an online system, which can be shared with employers.

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To access your FOLS you need to register at
Once registered, you can log in and access your FOLS.

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FOLS Assessor/RTO Network

ForestWorks facilitates a network of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and assessors by supporting them in conducting high quality assessments for many competencies covered by the FOLS Skills Verification Program.   xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

  • RTOs and assessors listed on the FOLS Skills Verification Program
  • Access to moderated assessment tools
  • Access to professional development for assessors by participating in moderation sessions
  • Assistance in meeting Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) Standards for RTOs, in relation to moderation and validation of assessment

The FOLS Assessor/RTO Network has access to a maintained set of Assessment Tools for selected Units of Competency that are verified through FOLS. The tools will be made available to registered assessors via the FOLS online portal.

An annual plan of moderation is developed and circulated in March each year.

Click here to register for the FOLS Assessor/RTO Network

How can FOLS help you?

FOLS offers businesses a streamlined system to manage the skills of employees and improve safety in the workplace. FOLS also assists workers by verifying that an operator has undertaken the required nationally recognised training and has kept their skills current through regular practice.

  • A streamlined system to manage risk and improve safety in your workplace
  • Manage employee or contractor training, qualification and FOLS records online
  • Manage your workforce’s skills development, including foundation skills and digital literacy, for future growth
  • Reduce risk by knowing who is skilled to undertake particular activities
  • Ensure your employee’s qualifications and skills are up-to-date
  • Generate and manage your list of employees or contractors and their FOLS’ status
  • Monitor FOLS expirations, with the ability to arrange training in advance if required
  • Gain access to a list of current competent and experienced training providers
  • Generate record reports
  • Recognised by industry as a sound and experienced training provider
  • Promote your business through a FOLS profile
  • Demonstrate your capabilities by listing the units of competency you provide
  • Access a list of the operators you have trained and receive recognition on their profile for conducting their training.
  • Gain verification as a competent and experienced operator
  • Visibly demonstrate your certification with your FOLS Card, anywhere
  • Ensure your qualifications and skills remain current
  • Apply for and renew your FOLS Card online anytime, anywhere
  • Keep all your records in one safe place and upload skills evidence documents at any time
  • Gain access to suitable training providers
  • Share your records with your employer

Industry Steering Committee

FOLS is an industry-led program that is managed by ForestWorks. An Industry Steering Committee guides the program:

Riverina TAFE – David Priem

Forestry Corporation of NSW – Amanda Tarbotton

Forest Industry Training and Education Consortium (FITEC) – June Dunleavy

One Forty One Plantations (OFO) – Emma-Kate Griffiths

LV Dohnt & Co Pty Ltd – Philip Dohnt

Moreland Holdings – Alwin Goetze

ARTEC – Neil McCarthy

Norske Skog – John Webb

HVP Plantations – John Dodson

VicForests – Bill Paul

PF Olsen – David Bennett

Forest Products Commission – Robin Austen

Towie Timber Training – Bill Towie

Plantation Logging Co – Tony Ferguson