The Tree Faller’s Manual is an essential handbook for forest operators and others who need to fell trees manually using a hand-held chainsaw.

The manual is based on the national competency standards for the forest and forest products industry where tree felling is covered using three categories:

  1. Basic tree felling applies to trees that are relatively small, with a single stem and no defects.
  2. Intermediate tree felling covers trees with single or multiple stems, limited defects, and lean and weight distribution that can be adapted to felling direction
  3. Advanced tree felling applies to larger and more complex trees and includes trees deemed to be more hazardous.

Workplace safety, risk assessment and site preparation are included along with the theory, techniques and tools for each of the tree-felling categories.

The manual also:

  • promotes workplace safety and risk assessment
  • provides information on theory of felling, directional felling, preparation, escape route and cutting the scarf
  • builds on the information provided by the Chainsaw Operator’s Manual.

40% discount for RTOs with relevant units of competency on scope who purchase a minimum of 20 copies