Safety and environmental protection are two key priorities for the forestry industry. The workforce requires skills to support safe work practices, including for working with heavy trees, operating large equipment and navigating isolated work environments.

In September 2018, the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) and the Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) committed to the Safe and Skilled program. As the key forest industry safety training program, it requires that forest workers hold a statement of attainment in nationally endorsed units of competency relevant to forest operations.

To uphold strong safety standards as well as environmental protection procedures, all workers must hold a statement of attainment for the following units (or their predecessors) relevant to their job role:

  • FWPCOR2210 Follow workplace health and safety policies and procedures in forest and wood products operations
  • FWPCOR2209 Follow environmental protection procedures in forest and wood products operation.

OR one of the following:

  • FWPCOR3205 Apply safety, health and environmental requirements in forest and wood products operations
  • FWPCOR4204 Monitor safety, health and environmental requirements in forest and wood products operations.

In addition to these general requirements, operators must also hold a statement of attainment for a unit (or its predecessor) related to any hazardous activity they are conducting.

The list of Safe and Skilled approved units are reviewed annually by ForestWorks to include changes resulting from updates to the Forest and Wood Products Training Package.

Current approved unit/s can be found in the table below. Appropriate predecessor unit/s for each of these are outlined in the list of Safe and Skilled Approved Units of Competency.

Single Grip HarvesterFWPHAR3229 Operate single grip harvester
ProcessorFWPHAR3234 Conduct mechanical processor operations
Feller BuncherFWPHAR3226 Operate feller buncher
ForwarderFWPHAR3227 Operate forwarder
Log TruckFWPCOT3315 Transport forestry logs using trucks
Static mobile chipper based on workplace equipmentFWPHAR3203 Operate integrated or split flail and wood chipper with crane or FWPHAR3204 Operate split flail and wood chipper fed by mobile machine
SkidderFWPHAR3230 Operate skidder
DozerFWPHAR3224 Operate crawler tractor
TractorRIIMPO315E Conduct tractor operations
Excavator – for loading/shoveling logsFWPHAR3225 Operate excavator with log grapple
Wheeled loaderFWPHAR3228 Operate loader
Chainsaw units based on operational activity. This may include commercial harvesting operations, plantation, silviculture, road and firebreak maintenance operationsFWPHAR2209 Trim and cut harvested trees
FWPCOT2253 Fell trees manually (basic)
FWPHAR3205 Harvest trees manually (intermediate)
FWPHAR3209 Harvest trees manually (advanced) This unit is considered mandatory for commercial harvesting operations
Cable Logging (Choke setter)FWPHAR2201 Hook up felled trees (choker)
Cable Logging (Chaser)FWPHAR2202 Perform landing duties (chaser)
Cable Logging (Yarder)FWPHAR3212 Operate yarder
Truck mounted loadersTLILIC0024 License to operate a vehicle loading crane (capacity 10 metre tonnes and above)

Last updated 18/2/22

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