Case Studies

Throughout 2013-15, with support by the Australian Government through the Department of Education and Training, ForestWorks led an Innovation Skills Program for the forestry industry. The following case studies provide insights into the achievements and lessons learned out of the Innovation Skills Program.

The first case study looks at the program as a whole. Case studies 2 to 5 are specifically about the challenges and achievements of each Innovation Working Group (up until June 2015). The sixth case study focusses on the lessons learnt out of the Innovation Working Group process.


Case Study 1: Program Overview and Way Forward

Case Study 2: Innovation in Frame and Truss Technologies

Case Study 3: Standards for Timber Building Systems

Case Study 4: Novel Solutions to Skills Development in the Pulp and Paper Sector

Case Study 5: Innovative Solutions to Specific Skills Shortages (Green Triangle)

Case Study 6: Lessons Learnt from the Innovation Working Groups

Interviews with Innovation Working Group Members

To watch the interviews with Innovation Working Group members about their experiences and learnings, please click on the links below.

Peter McLean, Principal of Development Impacts Pty Ltd, talks about the key learnings, challenges, benefits and potential of the Innovation Skills Program and Innovation working Groups to date.

Watch the the interview with Peter McLean

Kersten Gentle, Executive Officer of the Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association of Australia (FTMA), discusses how the Frame and Truss Innovation Working Group is progressing towards developing innovative solutions for waste, lean management and safety in the industry sector.

Watch the the interview with Kersten Gentle

Watch the the interview with Paul O’Loan

Watch the the interview with Jim Henneberry