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Worker Support Program

About the program

The Worker Support Program offers support to native timber employees, supply chain employees, and their families as they navigate the transition away from native timber harvesting in state forests.

It provides a safety net to those who have been made genuinely redundant and lost their job due to the Victorian Forestry Transition Program.

The Worker Support Program provides:

  • Support Services
  • Support Payments

The Worker Support Program commenced in November 2022 for eligible employees and their families and is available until 30 June 2026

Who is eligible

The Worker Support Program offers support to native timber employees, supply chain employees and their family members.

You can register if:

  • you go to work in Victoria
  • you are an employee
  • you work in the native timber industry
  • you are either a:
    • Sawmill employee
    • Harvest and haulage employee
    • Community forestry employee
    • Seed collector
    • Chip truck driver
    • Supply chain employee
    • Pulp & Paper employee (inc Opal Australian Paper Maryvale Mill workers)


  • you are a family member of a native timber employee or contractor.

About Employees

An employee is a person employed by a business and performs work as a representative of the business. Employees can be:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Casual
  • Piece rate
  • Seasonal

For more information about employees, visit the Fair Work website.

The difference between employee & contractor

Contractors have different rights and obligations to employees. This is because they provide services to another person or business, as opposed to being employed by that person or business.

Support for Contractors

If you are a contractor or business, support is available for you and your native timber business. Please contact the Forestry Transition Hotline: 1800 318 182 or visit Forestry Transition Program (

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