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Have you noticed any areas for improvement with the current skills standards and qualifications? The following Feedback Register supports the Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) in the development and review of training packages, including skills standards and qualifications. Feedback helps to ensure the currency of the PPM Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Industry and FWP Forest and Wood Products training packages.

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For further information about the development process of skills standards and qualifications, please visit the Skills Impact website.

Loading and Unloading Timber

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It was noted that there is a need for a national standard in loading and unloading timber. Submitted on behalf of the ForestWorks Skills and Employment Council (SEC) Response To be investigated with industry stakeholders before progressing to the IRC Skills Forecast … Read More

Unit Code Clarification

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Some of our trainers are asking about new and old unit codes across the level II qualifications. Can you please clarify regarding: AHC21016 – Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management AHC20116 – Certificate II in Agriculture FWP20116 – Certificate … Read More

WHS/OHS Referencing

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In FWP units, WHS is referenced as a stand alone requirement but in Victoria OHS must be referenced first. To ensure that this requirement is still observed it should be OHS/WHS. The information supporting this requirement can be found at … Read More

Training in Timber Logistics

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Training in Timber Logistics should be offered as a traineeship at a national level (NSW STAC on August 25). Submitted on behalf of the Timber & Building Materials Association (as part of feedback on the Industry 4 year work plan) Response To … Read More

Planning for Log Extraction

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Review how planning for log extraction should be included in the manual falling units, including FPIHAR3220 Harvest Trees Manually – Intermediate, to ensure the performance evidence item “apply appropriate extraction methods” is worded so that the operator considers available extraction … Read More

FWPCOT2239 Trim and cut felled trees

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Performance Evidence Requirements are unworkable while assessing this unit. “Trim and cut trees in these environmental conditions: dry weather condition wet weather condition low and moderate wind speeds” This whole section should be removed. It doesn’t need to be there. … Read More

Optimisation of log making

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Optimisation of log making (and associated activities) is an emerging skill area due to recent technological developments. Higher coverage is required in the relevant FWP training package units and qualifications (including the operation of an optimizing head). Submitted by John … Read More


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